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Letter To An Undefined Entity

Dear Undefined Entity,

I must start this by complimenting you on your complexity, and your elusiveness. I’ve been trying to send you a letter for a few days now, even before you started, but I couldn’t put a finger on who you were or on how I must address you. Every time I tried to look you in the eye, it felt like I was looking through a mirror, at my whole history, my identity, my context and my genes. Thus I really could not address you in an angry or offensive way. There is so much of you in me that despite my disillusionment with the mess you have made, I can still at least sympathize, or secretly enjoy your drama. Continue reading


Growing Up With Egyptian TV


Here, allow me to oscillate between ‘We’ and ‘I’ because even though the experiences described are personal, they are not unique. They are rather standard for people of my generation who grew up in my social setting or in clones of it. Thus it is really more of a collective experience rather than a personal one.

We grew up in Liberal Islam. A version that believes in the supernatural, but remains appreciative of life’s value. One that does not take veils seriously, and sees them more like an age-image accessory for grandmothers. One that integrates playfulness, optimism and earthly ambition into it. And above all, one that does not invade the territory of personal choice. Continue reading