Super Reality

If this terrain of light could all condense into a single particle
radiating beyond the borders of the senses
and every photon is an event, a loved one, a physical fragment, a missed opportunity, or an insignificant place that you appropriate
then there will be no distance, no missing
and every event will be rubbing shoulders with your destiny, so there will be no regrets
anything possible, so there will be no dreams and no guilt
and all the loved ones fused together, so love diffuses to the point of annihilation
and the past is skin close to the future, so there will be no memory, and no anticipation

and without missing, without regrets, without love and without memory
there will be no passion, and sex will no longer exist

if this wet and hazy terrain of matter condenses into a single, suffocatingly beautiful grain
just short of being a black hole
then the split fragments of consciousness will collapse back into each other
like a middle-aged man migrating back into his mother’s womb
and the mother suddenly turning younger, in white gown, horny and shy
only then
the supernatural will disappear, and the logical becomes funny,
the metaphysical becomes boring
curiosity and meditation become pointless
thoughts a waste of time
and words become, well, Ha-Ha

In this bliss of continuity and desensitization
there only exists a super-reality,
a very well informed numbness
Like ageless photons, we never age
and live a new set of non-emotions
addicted to fusion
our sole aim is becoming one-er and one-er
denser and denser
until the limits of infinity
until it all becomes white background noise.